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Navratri Celebration!!

Navratri is a Hindu festival that lasts nine nights and is devoted to the Divine Mother or Shakti. In Hinduism, the nine-day festival of Navratri celebrates the victory of good over evil, as Dharma overcomes Adharma with the blessing of Goddess Durga.

According to mythology, Lord Rama, in order to release Sita from the clutches of the powerful demon king Ravana, prayed to Goddess Durga in nine different aspects for nine days in order to gain the strength and power to kill Ravana. The nine nights became to be known as Navratri, while the tenth day, when Rama killed Ravana, that day is known as Vijayadashami or Dussehra.

The festivities began on October 07, 2021, at Evergreen ADHC with the initiation ceremony started with ghatasthapana which was attended by our participants and staff members. The procession was marked by devotional songs, and doing Garba everyday by all the participants. During next 9 days participants congregated every day in the morning for special spiritual pooja and prayers like Chanting, Aarti and Garba.

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