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India - Happy 73rd Independence Day

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

"Jai Hind"

Was the repeated cheering heard during the India Independence Day celebration at Evergreen ADHC. Even though this was our 2nd such celebration, it felt like we were celebrating our 73rd Independence Day. Everyone was dressed in traditional outfits and brought a wonderful spirit of joy, honor, respect, and humbleness. All the virtues that India has stood for.

The celebration started with some touching and inspiring performances from our participants. This included songs dedicated to all Freedom Fighters and "Javaans" who sacrificed their life for the sake of India's Independence.

We had the India Flag hoisting by the Honorable Scott Galvin, Mayor of City of Woburn. We were very honored that he took time and showed such great support by attending the celebrations at our Center. The Mayor and the City of Woburn have always welcomed and cherished diversity by helping everyone integrate into the community. This is what is makes us all Americans and at the same time allows us to maintain our Indian heritage.

We all sang the Indian and American National Anthem followed by a small parade to enjoy the wonderful weather outside as well as spread the spirit of such a glorious day.

It was great to see the support from various organizations who have been helping and supporting the South Asian communities in Greater Boston area for many many years. Would like to specially thank -

We will continue to celebrate this day with all our members and the rest of the community in coming years. Hope to see you all there and support and cherish it with us.


The Evergreen ADHC Team

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