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Importance of Nutrition

It is believed our body is temple. By eating right and having correct nutrition we can take care of our Temple like body. To emphasize on this topic we educated our participants about the importance of eating right. With growing age the physiological & psychological changes begin to happen which also includes our taste perceptions to become weak. All these changes makes it harder to follow healthy diet plans. Participants were informed about even by making slight changes how can we continue to provide right nutrition to our body while still being able to enjoy our food. The participants were guided about the appropriate portion sizes, keeping a watch on consumption of correct amounts of carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals though their daily meals. They were told about importance of exercising at least thirty minutes each day and keeping active regimen to stay healthy. They were also told about the importance of keeping themselves hydrated by consuming fluids through the day. Most common diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, joint and muscle pains were discussed. One of the causes of imbalances and diseases remain to be the inadequate or excessive food intake. The participants were educated how they can take control of their illness or imbalances with right choice off food and exercises. This session was very informative and was really appreciated by the participants.

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