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Hope in the Midst of COVID

We here at Evergreen are wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Spring. With every spring in New England the weather brings cold days and warm days. Important to take advantage of the warm days and go outside for a walk to reconnect with nature. On colder days call and speak to family members and friends to show them you care.

Participants at Evergreen are retuning to the center and reconnecting with friends. Most staff and participants are vaccinated from COVID-19 but precautions are still being followed. Everyone wears a mask and is encourage to wash hands frequently. At the center everyone sits at least 6 feet apart and barriers are put in place at the game and lunch tables. Those participants who continue to stay at home have the opportunity to join in with the group through Zoom exercises and activities. Their health and needs continue to be monitored and addressed by center’s nurses at the center through the use of Telehealth phone calls.

Although the center may look a bit different due to the important safety guidelines that must be followed, the feel of the center remains the same. Participants love attending the center each day. Beginning the morning with some physical exercise to get the body moving starts the day off right. Then continuing the day playing games and socializing with friends keeps the mind and spirit active and happy. Our wish at the center is to have all the participants return to the center in person. Until then, we will all remain connected through the use of technology.

If you are a current participant who would like to return to the center in person, or you are interested in becoming a participant, please call Evergreen Adult Day Health Center at (339) 645-0674.

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