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Festivities and Fun in September

September was a special month with a lot of social activities going on at the Center.

The month started with celebration of Ganesh Utsav. We did invite Lord Ganesha to our Center with a lot of fanfare and joyous singing. He resided with us until it was HIS time to go back home. We proudly celebrated Ganesh Visharjan and have requested Ganeshji to come to our Center next year.

On September 14th, the Center had invited Family and Friends of our participants to have a fun-filled information sharing event. Participants and their family members learned about MassHealth benefits, Senior Care Option plans, dental plans. Everyone had fun playing several games like cricket, bean bag toss, carrom, Ping Pong. To top it off, we had a wonderful DJ (one of our participants son) play some Bollywood songs. Most of the folks sang and danced along to the sweet melodies that were played.

We are grateful for the continued support from our community leaders who showed up. Special thanks for Girish Mehta from ICC, Dinesh Shah, Raman Gandhi, and Jayanti Patel from FRISCO who have shown continued support and encouragement to us.

We also did a lot of craft and activities that has been posted on the following link - September Craft

Thanks for spending time here and staying connected with us.


The Evergreen ADHC Team

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