• Clara Miller

A Creative September

Evergreen participants have always enjoyed crafting, decorating the center with unique drawings and paintings. Recently, we have begun branching out and trying new ideas. Above the entrance to the center hang two branches adorned with colorful paper flowers and leaves, with origami butterflies taking flight below.

Below one butterfly branch is a true showing of center pride. The Evergreen logo, drawn across seven canvases, was separated and each canvas was decorated with the unique styles and ideas of our participants. From flowers to symbols to meaningful sayings, the canvases overflow with ideas close to our participant’s hearts and our center’s ideals.

Sitting in the windows are another project – a series of tissue paper suncatchers which color the sunlight, casting beautiful shapes or meaningful words further into the center. Wherever you look, the creative thoughts of our participants can be seen. And there’s only more to come!

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