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February Festivities

At Evergreen, participants were having a blast during February. Celebrations of love and happiness were filling the room as the snow came down outside. One of the activities everyone did was Antakshari. This is where all the participants sat in a big circle. A tambourine was played as a ball was passed around. When the tambourine stopped, the participant holding the ball sang a verse of a song. Then the ball was passed around again. When the tambourine stopped again, that person sang the next verse. This went on. At the end, everyone got a little cookie to celebrate.

Participants also participated in a game called Jenga which required pulling out a block and planting it on top with one hand. It is becomes challenging and exciting as the building grows tall. The aim is not to let the building fall. We had the tallest building this time in the history of Evergreen! :D

For Valentine's Day the participants had fun with many games. The games were fast, they had a minute to win each game. One of the games they played was to blow a ball off the table aiming for a cup. Another game was to pick up different shapes of paper with a straw and organize them into piles. These activities required hand, eye and brain co-ordination. Third game involved script giving specific directions to the participants for passing on the packed gift in left and right direction. This game intended to use the left and right hemispheres of brain which also required physical co-ordination by following the instructions of the script. They had so much fun playing them and cheering each other on.

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