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Celebrating Father's Day

On Monday, June 21st, Evergreen Adult Day Health Center celebrated all of the dads. People were invited to stand up and speak about what Father’s Day and being a dad meant to them. In India, the sense of community and family is much more open than that of the United States. In the United States, the prevailing custom is to call your family before and make a plan to come visit. In India, it is customary to visit with family and friends unannounced. People go to visit with their loved ones much more often than they do here. The concept of who is family is also extended in India. Family is a much broader concept. It extends to all people who are close to you, not just those with blood relation. The close bond that everyone shares is special. As more people come back to Evergreen attending in person, the sense of community grows and grows. Please view these videos of participants sharing what is important to them. Please see following post for other videos

Video 1:

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