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April Activities

As Spring in New England typically is, the weather has been up and down. On the warmer days this month participants at Evergreen Adult Day Health Center have made the most of it by going for walks outside. Field trips to local shops have also been occurring again after a long hiatus because of COVID. Everyone continues to stay safe by wearing face masks and washing hands frequently. Everyone is feeling happy and regaining a sense of normalcy by being able to go on field trips and do activities that have not been feasible for the past two years. The fun continues to occur in the center with a variety of activities daily. As pictured below, all participants worked together to play a brain boosting activity of spot the hidden object. A picture was shown on the TV screen and participants came up to find a list of objects that were hidden in the picture. It was great fun, and everyone had a blast exploring the pictures and trying to discover the objects. They also exercised the brain by playing Jeopardy. During this the participants were asked different questions and worked together to come up with the answer.

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