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Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and The Evergreen Team wants to wish all the Wonderful, Cool, Super, and Evergreen Dad's a very Happy Father's Day.

At our Center we did celebrate this special day on Friday, but singing a very heartwarming poem about the values of "Pitta - Dad". Our hearts were filled with joy when one of our participant Mr. D. P. sent us this wonderful note which means a lot to us on this special day. -

"..the group of center members You are our New Sons and Daughters Our Biological Sons and Daughters did well so far and are doing the needed However you all have taken the responsibilities to look after us We are fortunate to have all these Our blessings are with you all God’s blessings are for all Thanks You all have made our days and life much better"

The day was packed with games like Cricket and fun food. Please do enjoy the pictures below where the "Moms" joined in the fun and made it even more exciting.

Enjoy the movie -

Again a BIG Thank You to all the Dad's at Evergreen ADHC

The Evergreen ADHC Team

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