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Spirit of Freedom - India's Independence Day Celebration

On Aug 15th, India Celebrated its 72nd Independence Day. We at Evergreen ADHC, were very thrilled to be able to participate and celebrate this great day with our Friends from Global Adult Day Care in Nashua, NH as well as with Woburn Mayor, Mr. Scott Galvin.

The celebration was marked with a march, performances from our participants that brought pride in our hearts and tears in our eyes. And Finally the flag hoisting by the Mayor, Scott Galvin.

Please enjoy some of the pictures from the celebration:

We all proudly sang the Indian and American National Anthem

Few of the comments and notes from our participant are worth noting -

"In 40+ years, this is the 1st time I experienced Indian Flag hoisting on August 15th. Really felt special"

"We felt like kids - truly free - to be able to perform and feel proud of India's path to Independence and progress"

The Evergreen ADHC Team

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