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July Fun and Growth

July has been a month of growth and celebration at Evergreen Adult Day Health Center. As COVID cases are going down and more and more individuals are getting vaccinated, the center is returning back to how it was before the pandemic. Lots of participants who have stayed remote throughout the pandemic have returned to the center in person this month. It is great to see everyone interacting and catching up as they did before. We have also welcomed new friends into the center this month as well. With every new person they add to the fun and the culture here at Evergreen. Early on this month we celebrated the United States Independence Day. During this day, participants danced and sung. They put on dramas and had lots of fun.

Coming up next month on August 15th it is India’s Independence Day. Join us in the celebration and fun that week. As we grew in July, we hope that the growth will continue into August. If you are still a remote participant and would like to return in person, please contact the center to schedule your return. If you or a loved one would be interested to join the center, please contact the center to schedule a tour.

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