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December and January Newsletter

Welcome to the Evergreen Adult Day Health Center Newsletter. This newsletter will come out every other month and will contain important information regarding the happenings at Evergreen and information on health and wellness.

Evergreen would like to extend a warm welcome to the new nursing team Sherry Duggan and Meg Foss

Happy Holidays!

Evergreen loves celebrating holidays and festivals from a variety of cultures. This year we've been eagerly preparing for Christmas, decorating the center with everything from handmade wreaths to a beautifully decorated tree! Singing carols and hanging lights, participants are awaiting the yearly Christmas Party, which will gather together a number of family members for a day of fun and togetherness. Happy Holidays everybody!

Birthday Corner

Let’s celebrate these amazing people who have a birthday these two months!

December 2019

Kusum Shah Ram Gupta Munni Gupta Bhagubhai Patel Lalita Khindaria

January 2020

Sudhindra Kocheta Abdulsultan Merchant Upendra Ayar Lilavatiben Patel Jaya Patel Bharati Patel Dahyabhai Patel

Fall Prevention

As the winter marches on the weather is getting colder and snow and ice will happen more frequently. It is during these months that falls happen. A bad fall can cause major health problems ranging anywhere from pain to serious breaks. A very bad fall can leave you with a break that could require surgery and change your ability to move around. Make sure to always have pathways shoveled and put down salt to protect against ice. Use your cane or walker especially when walking outside. Ask to hold onto someone’s hand if you need more assistance. Most importantly remember to walk slowly and take your time.

New Year, New You

January is the time of new beginnings and changes. With the cool, crisp New England air combined with the feelings of change and progress it is the perfect time to set goals for yourself in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. During the month of January add your own goal to the 2020 poster and reflect on what 2019 has meant for you. Reflect on the goal that you might have put on the 2019 poster or what others put up there. January is the perfect time to remember the good and bad of 2019 and to look forward to a happy and healthy 2020!

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