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Moving Forward and Knocking Out COVID Together

This has been a year that no one will forget. Full of hand sanitizer, wearing masks, and staying at home to stay safe. Words have entered the lexicon that previously were rarely said such as social distancing, and Zoom. A whole year has passed and new normal's have settled in. Leaving the house requires you to remember to bring your mask and hand sanitizer. Many people have gotten used to working from home or spending time with their friends through computer screens. Here at Evergreen many participants still spend their time at home but are able to stay connected with those at the center through Zoom exercises and activities and phone calls. In February many of the participants received their COVID vaccination shots and a few of them have gotten both shots. They are doing their part in knocking out COVID so that we can all be together again in the future. Valentine's Day was in February and at Evergreen it was celebrated by Chair Dandiya. Participants loved expressing themselves through dance. Evergreen wishes you the best and to be healthy and happy.

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