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It's Cold Outside!

After the mix of weather over the past few weeks, it now seems like winter is officially here to stay. As the winter weather continues, it is important to prepare. Winter comes with various challenges associated with the cold, ice, and snow. With the cold many people feel that it is more difficult for them to walk and move. Joints tighten up and become stiff. Moving and walking become harder. What adds to the challenge of walking and moving is wearing a coat and other winter gear. Although it may be difficult, it is important to continue wearing a coat and other warm clothing. It is important to continue to exercise regularly to keep your body strong and your joints loose as the cold.

Another common issue that comes with the snow and ice. Falls drastically increase this time of year. Walk slowly when outside ensuring that you pay attention to the ground below you. Walk with your cane or walker for extra assurance. Always use a handrail when walking up or down any stairs. Remember that when you get inside a building, the floor could still be slippery because of the snow that has been dragged in. Continue to use caution while walking for your safety.

With staying inside more due to the cold weather may come with increased isolation and feelings of sadness. If you have decided to skip out on social activities because of the weather, try replacing them with activities you can do from your home. Instead of going out to see friends, try video calling them instead. Instead of walking outside, try calling a friend and walk around your home while chatting. Inviting family, friends, and neighbors over to your home is also a great way to have social activities while not leaving your house.

However you decide to spend this season we at Evergreen are wishing you and your families a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!

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