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Happy Independence Day!

India’s Independence Day was held this past August the 15th. Being on a Monday this year it allowed everyone at Evergreen to celebrate the actual day together. One of the excitements of the day was the ability to go to Woburn city hall and have a flag raising. It was a beautiful show of the connection of India and America. Back at the center the participants had a parade around the center showing their pride and excitement about the day. Then in the center participants got the opportunity to give speeches, sing songs, and do small skits. The center was beautifully decorated for that day. It was great to be able to celebrate the day with everyone fully especially after having to tone down celebrations for the past few years. Everyone engaged in a nice lunch and the party continued for the day.


Next Month some activities include: Ganesh Visarjan, trips to places such as temple, Primark, Kohl’s, Indian Store, and Walmart

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